Dominican Republic
Caribbean Paradise for Vacation, Retirement, to live & Invest

“ None of the other Caribbean Islands has such Charm, such an exotic and exuberant Zest for Living and such extensive,
palm fringed Beaches “

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean Paradise

Dominican Republic General Information

The Dominican Republic is great for vacations, retirement, to live,
business and investments.
Guest have been traveling great distances to discover it’s swaying palms,
tropical climate and crystal waters.
It is quickly becoming one of the most respected and enjoyable destinations.
Great beaches, good infra structure, personal safety and above all
friendly people make a stay here a sublime Caribbean experience!
The Dominican Republic is visited by more then 6 million tourists annually.
The government plans to double this figure over the next five years
and is opening its border to foreign investments by liberalizing trade,
establishing tax breaks and other incentives. What this means:
The Dominican Republic is now for Business and Investments too.

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Dominican Republic Demographic Data

Population: 10.4 million (2013) World Bank
Life expectancy:
73.23 years (2012) World Bank
GNI per capita:
11,630 PPP dollars (2013) World Bank
Fertility rate:
2.52 births per woman (2012) World Bank
Population growth rate: 1.2% annual change (2013) World Bank
Official language: Spanish but a lot of people speak English.

Dominican Republic Health Information

Dominican Republic Economy & Tourism

Dominican Republic Visas & Citizenship

Dominican Republic Buying Property for foreigners

Dominican Republic major Cities

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the booming capital of the Dominican Republic with over 3 millions inhabitants.
It is great for sight-seeing, shopping, restaurants, events and strolling through the “Zona Colonial”, the oldest New City in the Americas.
> Santo Domingo


Santiago is a major city with over one million inhabitants and is situated in the North of the Country. It is great for shopping, it’s events, hospitals and is famous for it’s tobacco.
> Santiago

Puerto Plata/Northcoast of the Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata/Northcoast of the Dominican Republic is a well known tourist area with 2 International Airports connecting it to the World. There is a lot to do and the beauty of the nature and the beaches take your breath away.
> Northcoast

PHOTOS of the Domincan-Republic

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PHOTOS of Santo-Domingo

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PHOTOS of the Northcoast of the Dominican-Republic

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PHOTOS & VIDEOS of Cabarete-Beach

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PALACE-Cabarete-Beach Information

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