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The famous “ Cabarete - Beach “ is in Puerto Plata on the beautiful Northcoast of the Dominican Republic.

Cabarete - Beach

Cabarete - Beach is a fine sanded bay protected by a coral reef,
which is ideal for year round swimming.
Cabarete-Beach is also recognized as one of the Caribbean’s top location
for watersports like Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Sailing, Surf
and much more.
Next to the incredible variety of sports and adventure opportunities,
you can enjoy relaxing, tropical beach vacation.

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Cabarete -World Class Watersports

Master of the Ocean - 4 Watersports, 1 Champion!


Cabarete - Village

Everything is within a walking distance in Cabarete, you do not need a car!
You can leave it in the cool & safe PALACE underground parking.
A mix of shops, boutiques, international restaurants, outdoor cafes and its
local & international community create a unique blend of Cosmopolitan style
and Caribbean traditions and offers everything you might want during your stay:
relaxing beach days, great international & local cuisine, water sports
and active options that seem endless.
In the evening you may visit the many restaurants and the famous
Cabarete Nightlife, direct on the beach, under the stars…
> Cabarete Village

There is no shortage of fine cuisine here in Cabarete:
> Cabarete Catering
> Cabarete Chefs

How Nature Protects Cabarete-Beach from Hurricanes:
> Cabarete & Hurricanes

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Cabarete - Surroundings


Sosua is only about 15 minutes away from Cabarete and is renowned for its
beautiful beach as well as for the numerous shops, restaurants,
cafes and night clubs.

for detailed information check: > Sosua

Puerto Plata POP International Airport

Cabarete is about 30 minutes away from Puerto Plata international Airport,
which has daily flights to the U.S.A.  Canada, Europe and Latin America

> Puerto Plata International Airport

Puerto Plata City

Puerto Plata is the capital of the Province with the same name.
It is only
45 minutes away from Cabarete.
Puerto Plata is arguably the most beautiful city in the whole Caribbean
and is growing touristically as a cruise ship destination [since October 2015]
which will advertise the whole Puerto Plata Province even more!
Puerto Plata is famous for It’s old Victorian Style houses, nice shops,
two Golf Courses and many other attractions and
is big for shopping
and strolling through the City or along the great “Malecon”

for detailed information check:
> City Puerto-Plata

Province Puerto Plata - Northcoast of the Dominican Republic

The beautiful North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a well known tourist area.
There is a lot to do and the nature and the beaches take your breath away!
everything is within a 45 minutes drive away from Cabarete…

for detailed information check: >

The Dominican Republic is a Carribbean Paradise

The combination of wonderful natural surroundings, great beaches,
a good infrastructure, personal safety and –above all-
friendly people
make a stay here a sublime Caribbean experience!

for detailed information check: > Dominican Republic

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CABARETE has it ALL!!!

PALACE - Cabarete - Beach , the ultimate Address to “Luxurioux-Beachfront-Living”

“ i
magine…waking up in your beautiful beachfront Apartment or Penthouse
to the view of the great Cabarete Beach, to the smell of the Caribbean Sea
and to the waves caressing the beach…
You contemplate which Golf Course you want to play
or maybe you want to enjoy sun while swimming, surfing or fishing
in the crystal clear blue waters…
At night you join a restaurant under the stars on the beach,
a perfect way to end a day in Cabarete.”

PALACE-Cabarete-Beach: -> RENT & SALES Information

RENT an exclusive Penthouse
or a beautiful
> info short/long term RENT
BUY a great Apartment.
Profit from this Investment Opportunity.
> info SALE